Kamna Science Academy

The academy's motto, "Try to do your best," reflects its commitment to encouraging students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their education.

Actionable Training

“Action Learning is a method for individual and organisational development based upon small groups of colleagues meeting over time to tackle real problems or issues in order to get things done; reflecting and learning with and from their experience and from each other as they attempt to change things.

Interesting Quizzes

1 Do some example problems. 2 Go through some flashcards. 3 Make a concept map from memory. 4 Try explaining the material in simple terms. 5 Remember concepts with mnemonic devices. 6 Take practice quizzes. 7 Rewrite your notes in your own words. 8 Read and summarize textbook chapters.

Premium Material

Best premium material created by more than 20 years experienced teachers, which helps to students to get 100% marks in their exams.

Be in Demand with Our Experienced Teaching

Teachers are the Most Important for any Student. They guide the student in the Best possible manner and ENABLE THEM TO ACHIEVE new heights. We at KAMNA Institute provide our students the Best Teachers who go Extra Miles to Help them.

Mr. Harish— Founder
  1. Set goals for yourself. …
  2. Find a mentor. …
  3. Seek feedback about strengths and weaknesses. …
  1. A destination or goal.
  2. Milestones to mark progress.
  3. Multiple content modalities to support different learning styles.
  4. Assessments or feedback.
  5. Social learning.
  6. Mentorship or coaching opportunities.
  7. Opportunities to directly apply learning.

For professional learning to work, it must be relevant, timely, personalized, flexible, multimodal, and socially connected.

What Our Students Have to Say

I think everything is organised in a way that motivates and supports students to become the best version of themselves. The course content is engaging, the teaching standards are outstanding and every module has allowed me to develop useful skills.
Class 9, SDVM
I absolutely love the sense of community and homeliness that KSA has. Everyone is super welcoming and happy to help you with anything you may need. KSA also offers a range of opportunities to get involved in everything.
Class 10, DAV
I would say that I’m using my course to find the career that would best suit my skills. As I already enjoy my course my hope is that it will lead me to a career that can allow me to apply everything that I have learnt from my course and hopefully enjoy it just as much.
Class 11, MASD
I loved the teaching methods and the one-to-one sessions with lecturers, where I could get answers to any queries regarding the modules. I also liked the practical sessions as they helped me to learn new skills. The labs were interesting and more interactive than lectures. I preferred coursework to exams as I loved Science and worked well under pressure.
Class 12, MKK